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The Importance Of Customer Service for an online business

A business can drive as many enquiries to the business as possible but if the customer service is no good, all efforts become a waste of time. It is important to ensure that from the beginning of a customers journey, … Continue reading

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Customer retention, how to do it right.

Obtaining a new customer can be hard work, keeping them is even harder. it is important to make the most of each customer. Customer retention is the way to do this. Customer retention can grow or save your business through … Continue reading

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5 Basic SEO Practices You Must Implement

If you are new to websites or SEO, you may find all of the advice you receive to be a little bit confusing. SEO is a simple practice, however to get results, it requires your time and effort. Below are … Continue reading

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How To Achieve Sales From Your eCommerce Website

Using SEO to drive customers to your site is an integral part of online business but the thing is, merely getting people to your site is not enough. There is a need to achieve sales from your ecommerce website and … Continue reading

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10 reason’s to carry out digital marketing

1. Be accessible and easy to find In today’s day an age, most people have access to the internet. There are many things in place which allow businesses to be in front of their target audience, presenting the information they’d … Continue reading

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Top 10 factors to consider for your existing or new logo design

Is it relevant to your business? Will your logo still be relevant in 5, 10, 15 years time? Is your target audience able to see your logo and have an idea of what you are

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