Top 10 factors to consider for your existing or new logo design

Is it relevant to your business? Will your logo still be relevant in 5, 10, 15 years time? Is your target audience able to see your logo and have an idea of what you are

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How much the top brands paid for their logo design

A well designed logo is crucial to a company’s branding strategy. While some companies don’t pay a penny for their logo, others are spending millions. Here’s how much some of the most well known logo’s cost to design. Pepsi – … Continue reading

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Has Digital Marketing become just “Marketing”?

Marketing departments across various industries are now depending on digital technology to help them carry out targeted marketing, understand their audience, manage content, reach market segments, conduct market research and carry out analytics. As the dependency on digital continues to … Continue reading

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What Is Google Adwords And How Can It Benefit My Business?

We all know what Google is, most of us use it on a daily basis but are you aware of Google adwords and how it can benefit your online business. If you are unaware of Google Adwords, it is time … Continue reading

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