10 reason’s to carry out digital marketing

1. Be accessible and easy to find
In today’s day an age, most people have access to the internet. There are many things in place which allow businesses to be in front of their target audience, presenting the information they’d like consumers to see, when they want them to see it. Utilising a website, social media, online ads, directory listings and SEO activities will have you in front of your ideal customer in no time.
2. Relationship management and building
It is important to constantly review your clients in order to establish where you can improve, this will allow you to gain customer loyalty, cross sell, increase referrals and track where new customers are coming from. With live chat, Google analytics, lead generation forms, forums, auto responders and surveys, there is no excuse to not to achieve all of the above.
3. Display your credibility
Digital marketing allows you to display your knowledge and prove that you are an expert in your field. It also allows you to convey your businesses personality through expressing your opinion, discussion and displaying that you stay up to date with all that is relevant in your field, thus achieving credibility. There are various ways of doing this, social media, maintaining a blog and writing articles are the main methods.
4. The world is your oyster
The internet gives you access to the world, so if you are a business that serves the UK as well as other countries then it is imperative that you carry out some digital marketing activities. Digital marketing allows you to expand your network, enabling you to establish relationship inside and outside your country.
5. No long term or contractual agreements
There is a large amount of digital marketing activities a business can carry out. Most of these activities do not require you to sign an agreement or get into a contract. However if you outsource the digital marketing tasks, the provider of this service may ask that you sign a contract or agree to a term of service.
6. Tracking and measuring
Digital marketing allows you to track where your website visitors and enquiries are coming from. It will show you the demographics, if they were referred, the effectiveness of any digital campaigns you are carrying out and much more.
7. Target
Digital marketing allows you to be targeted in your approach to campaigns. You can decide whether you want to target male or females, consumers or businesses, adults or children, demographics and much more.
8. Build brand identity
Digital marketing allows you to determine your brand identity through your online presence. You will be able to display the strengths of your product and/or services, gain feedback and reviews, display how you provide the product and/or service, how you interact with your customers and what is important to you.
9. Be cost effective
In most cases digital marketing requires little to no investment. More than anything, it requires time.
10. Increase inbound queries
Digital marketing allows you to build your online presence, by doing so you will become more reachable by those looking for your product and/or service, thus increasing your inbound enquiries.
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