10 top tips for promoting your site via social media

From Pinterest to Instragram, Linkedin to Twitter, social media is a growing phenomenon which can add real value to your business; however, it must be done well to be effective.

Here are 10 top tips to promoting your site via social media:

1. Be social. Social media is just that, it is about a two-way conversation and shouldn’t simply be used a mouthpiece for you to push out messages. Listen, encourage interaction and respond to feedback. Always ensuring you stay on message and remember the integrity of your brand.

2. Be relevant. Think about your content and make sure it is suitable for the social network. Content which is timely, useful and relevant will always cut through the highly populated social media landscape.

3. Be consistent. Post regularly and keep your audience engaged. Social media is about building and maintaining relationships with your customers and consistency is fundamental to this.

4. Be smart. Every business has limited resources, therefore it is better to focus on a few key social media channels and do them well, rather than having a half-hearted presence on all of them. Use tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to monitor your networks and schedule updates. They also allow you to simultaneously post the same update onto multiple networks; saving you time and ensuring the continuity of message.

5. Have a plan. Develop a social media strategy. Don’t just sign-up to social media accounts without knowing what you want to achieve. Research which social media channels will help you to reach your goals. Keeping these objectives in mind will help to focus your activity.

6. Be easy to find. Always drive readers to your website. Include links directly to your site or shopping cart wherever possible as this where the sales happen. Also make sure your contact details are easily accessible. Readers don’t want to have to work hard to be able to find you.

7. Be security conscious. Select strong passwords, keep them safe and make sure there is a process within your company for dealing with changes in personnel. When staff leave don’t let the passwords go with them, it is good practice to change passwords regularly, especially when a staff member who has access leaves. You don’t want to be in a position where you have worked hard to build a social media presence but you are unable to get into the accounts.

8. Be prepared. Customers are becoming increasingly savvy and using social media to vent their dissatisfaction with brands. The public nature of this coupled with the growing expectations of users, means you need to respond to these comments in a timely fashion in order to protect the reputation of your business. It is not the complaint that is remembered but the way it was dealt with.

9. Measure, monitor and evaluate. There are tools such as Hootsuite and Google Alerts which allow you to judge the success and reach of your social media activity and online presence. Facebook Insights is very comprehensive, providing you with a wealth of information about the demographics of your audience and the popularity of each post. You can use this information to determine the time of day your post is most likely to be seen and who is looking at it. Experiment with your content by creating different types of posts, then watch and see which ones are generating the most feedback. Google Analytics will be able to tell you where your website traffic is coming from. You can then evaluate what is getting you the page hits and enabling you to achieve those all important sales.

10. Have fun. Enjoy using these innovative platforms to promote your business. Brands that have fun and evidently enjoy what they do are more likely to capture their audiences. If you would like help with using social media to enhance your business please feel free to contact me on 07760 986440 or fill out the contact form and I will call you at your earliest convenience.