It is important to be aware of the latest trends and developments in digital and content marketing – but how do you sift through all the information available and identify what will work for you?

The good news is that MJA Marketing has already done the work. We keep up to date with the latest trends and work out which are the best for our clients. Ones that will actually help gain a competitive edge and develop new ways to grow businesses, generate leads and improve relationship with existing customers.

Here are our Top 5 digital marketing trends:

Make More Videos
Video is still one of the most popular content formats, consumers like and share content that is visually appealing and self-explanatory and video fits this requirement perfectly. According to consumer research, 64% of consumers say watching a video on Facebook has influenced a purchasing decision in the last month. (Animoto, 2017)

Most videos offer entertaining, engaging and easily digestible information that can be shared across multiple platforms. Indeed, major platforms like Facebook and Instagram are positively pushing videos for social media. Instagram’s recent algorithm changes rank video content more favorably.

Tip: A reported 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound; make sure your videos are embedded with closed captioning or create the required response – even if they’re watched in silence.

Make Engagement a Priority
Social media platforms are emphasising the importance of engagement, posts that receive more comments, shares, or replies tend to rank better than those with just likes. In fact, some platforms, such as Instagram, are hiding the number of likes of individual posts.

In the past, likes and follows were the key performance indicators for a business’s social profile and its content. While they are still important, these two features can be inflated by fake likes and followers from bots.

Tip: To increase engagement, comment and share posts from other pages and create your own questions, polls, and contests.

Make it Local
Most small business need to focus on reaching and retaining local customers, which requires having a strong online presence. This includes website, email, social media, paid search, etc. Online listings can be utilised, such as Google My Business (GMB) for local business listing services.

Geolocation and ratings are two key components of artificial intelligence and business referral in the digital age. Research has shown that 50% of local searches via mobile result in a visit to a store within one day.

Tip: GMB is free and is one of the easiest ways to for your business to appear in local search results.

Make it Verbal
Voice-assisted technology or virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa should form part of a digital marketing strategy. Businesses need to address how to make their data and content available and discoverable, as this verbal revolution grows.

Tip: Use SEO to ensure your brand’s values are consistent without visual support ie when people use a smart speaker search.

Make Messenger Marketing
“Messaging is the future” said Larry Kim of Mobile Monkey recently. Businesses can create smart chatbots inside Facebook Messenger that behave as a useful source of information for customers, based on the extensive consumer insights held within Facebook. Messenger has the advantage of push notifications and is more engaging than email; think of this marketing channel as email plus a landing page.

Tip: Being an early adopter of this marketing channel and you are on your way to improved sales, leads and greater client involvement.

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