How to Make the Most out of Social Media Marketing – Instagram Edition 

Tips to Use Social Media Marketing for Business Growth

Instagram is a platform where you can share your message with your audience via the medium of pictures. What started as just a picture-sharing social site has now turned into one of today’s major marketing tools.  

Thousands of businesses worldwide are leveraging profits from the increasing engagement of this platform. If your business still doesn’t have an account there, create one immediately and watch it reach new heights of success.  

However, not everything you post on Instagram will go viral instantly. In fact, some of your posts might not even receive half the number of likes you expect. That leads us to the main question: how can you make the most out of this popular social media marketing site? 

Here are some effective tips and strategies to help your business get noticed on Instagram 

Staying Active = Staying Visible 

As mentioned earlier, not all your posts will receive high engagement, especially at the start. But the biggest mistake you can make at the initial stage is losing patience and not posting consistently as a result. The more consistent you are, the more visible you will be to people.  

Understand how different algorithms work to know how consistent you should be. Instagram stories require you to post actively active multiple times during the day as opposed to your Instagram Feed. 

The best way to stay consistent is to plan out your content calendar for the month beforehand, outlining when, how often, and what you will post on your account. A social media agency can help you create a detailed content plan for the month. 

See What’s Trending 

New topics go viral on social media every hour of the day. You can jump on the bandwagon to get noticed by the crowd. But this doesn’t mean you go on posting about anything and everything that goes viral.  

Do not post or share content on the most trending topics unless they align with your message in some way. Using content out of your niche will just confuse and alienate your target audience.  

Keeping an eye on the trends allows you to catch them before they become too mainstream. But trends keep on changing, right? How can you keep track? Well, it’s simple. All you have to do is search for popular sites in your niche and see what they are talking about.  

Don’t Forget to Analyze 

You must accurately track and measure your social media marketing activities to ensure how effective your campaigns are. Observe metrics such as likes, comments, mentions, shares, and saves. This analysis can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly, or within any other convenient interval. Low engagement on your posts indicates the need to change your social media strategy. 

Decide Your Content Pillars 

Content pillars are the topics you want your brand to represent on social media. It becomes easy to create content when you know exactly what you want to talk about. Now, let’s talk about this with the help of an example. Imagine you are in the fashion business. You can post about street style, beauty, body image, different fabrics, and color clashing. Similarly, a nutritionist can talk about healthy recipes, diet plans, and pregnancy.  

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