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In recent times there has been a large demand for copywriting services or what some may refer to as a freelance copywriter.

For a long time, individuals and businesses have flung around the term “content is king”, however SEO content writing has not been given priority in many businesses….certainly not the businesses I’ve been around anyway!

Why the sudden surge in demand for freelance copywriters and copywriting services with an SEO focus?

Today, the internet is a one stop solution for all our requirements in life, we use it for research, shopping, finding out about current affairs and more. Most things are now available at the click of a button. This has made digital marketing and content creation a necessity for all businesses who wish to be found and trusted.

With many businesses and individuals providing the same thing, competing for the same customers, and claiming to be best at what they do, content marketing is slowly proving to be the best way to market your concept and display your credibility.

All the above considered, EVERY BUSINESS should be taking advantage of good copywriting services or looking to hire a freelance copywriter.

What does content writing / content marketing consist of?

Content writing otherwise known as SEO copywriting or content marketing, is web-friendly content creation for websites based on the clients requirements and the way potential visitors search and use the internet.

When content writing, topics and the use of the content created can vary. Copywriting services can be used for:

• Website content
• News / blog posts
• On-page and Off-page SEO
• Testimonials
• Press Releases
• Case Studies
• Whitepapers
• Guides
….and much more.

Getting help from a freelance copywriter or copywriting services

Hiring a freelance copywriter or enlisting the help of copywriting services helps businesses to reap the benefits of good content creation. It is important that businesses understand that effective content cannot be written by just anybody as there are many factors to consider.

A good copywriter carries out keyword research, considers search terms, utilises your meta tags and structures the content in a readable and compelling format. A good copywriter should have a digital marketing background and in cases where you are hoping to increase inbound traffic, should be an SEO copywriter.

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