Marketing communications – why do it?

Every business faces the challenge of persuading a significant number of customers to choose their product or service. The success of a business is hinged on its ability to sell. Without marketing communications, how will your company’s message be delivered? How will you convince your target market that you’re the best company to spend their money with?

Innovative marketing communications strategies coupled with analytics tools can provide a useful insight into consumer behaviour, an important concept to understand.


What are the benefits of marketing communications?

Develop strategic vision – A Marketer should always be looking for new ways of growing a company’s revenue. Having strategic vision means looking out for opportunities and putting into place strategies to take advantage of them. Discovering emerging markets to supply your product or service to or devising a strategy for selling additional products to existing customers is a great way to accelerate growth.

Improve brand awareness using marketing communication – For consumers to buy from a company, they first must know that the company exists and what they are selling. To have successful advertising and promotional activity, a business must have a good understanding of the demographic group they are targeting and apply marketing strategies that serve this group. Repetition builds brand awareness, the more a potential customer sees a communication from a company, the higher the chance of making a sale.

Communicate competitive advantage – Marketing and communication strategies are designed to give businesses the tools to position themselves as superior to their competitors. Delivering a marketing message that presents the benefits of a product or service, how it can resolve a problem or meet your customer’s needs is a great way of convincing a potential customer to buy from you.

Attract talented individuals – Marketing communications shows the outside world that your company could be a great place to work. As businesses grow, it is important to attract the best talent available. Having a section on your website or/and owned media devoted to providing reasons why an individual would want to work at your company would be advantageous.

Informing investors – Sending out news releases about milestones reached, profits, events, partnerships, acquisitions, introductions of new products can be very useful way of keeping your investment community informed. This can result in increased interest into the company and provide future opportunities.