The benefits of content marketing and having a content strategy

There are many benefits of content marketing, it is an inbound marketing tactic that’ll help you attract, engage and delight your prospects and customers by providing value for everyone who visits your website.

The benefits of content marketing go beyond engaging site visitors, it is also a useful, practical and cost-effective digital marketing strategy with SEO benefits, with the right content strategy in place it can deliver targeted traffic to your website as well as keep your website visitors engaged.

I’ve put together my top 15 benefits of content marketing, I hope you find these useful. If you’d like more information on how powerful content marketing is as an inbound marketing tactic, please get in touch for a chat, give me a call on 07444 070 016.

1. Content marketing increases conversions
2. The right content will drive inbound traffic
3. Build brand awareness with useful, engaging content
4. Educate your customers so they know why they need your product / service
5. Content marketing is a way to nurture relationships with existing customers
6. Position yourself as an industry expert
7. A good blog will continue to generate traffic long after it has been published
8. The right content keeps site visitors engages and reduces bounce rates
9. Content marketing is a cost-effective marketing method
10. If you are trying to reach a specific audience, targeted content can help you to achieve this
11. Current content shows customers your business is active
12. Content marketing provides prospects and customers with no strings attached value
13. Content can be shared – who knows how many people you’ll reach
14. Any business in any industry can do content marketing
15. The more content you share, the more traffic you generate from search engines and social media

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog on the benefits of content marketing, content marketing when done correctly can transform your business.

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