Why businesses are increasingly taking up outsourced marketing services

It can be increasingly challenging, not only running your core business, but also working on marketing your business.

Businesses need marketing strategies, to help find customers and connect with them in a meaningful way. But good strategies and the implementation of them takes time and requires experience, and your skills may lie elsewhere.

This is when outsourcing your business marketing makes sense, a specialist agency will have the right marketing tools for both b2b and b2c marketing, developing the right marketing ideas and tactics for your business and customers.

Here are some reasons to outsource your business marketing:

When you outsource your business marketing, the difficulties of hiring and training disappear. A good marketing agency will have an experienced team ready to work with your from day one. This means your marketing strategy, marketing and advertising plans etc will be worked on by experienced professionals immediately.

It’s hard to do things differently with a team of people who’ve been doing things the same way for a while. An outside marketing services provider remains on the outside. They don’t get involved with office politics and they’re not subject to maintaining the status quo. In other words, they see and do things differently.

By outsourcing your marketing services, you can reallocate internal resources where they’re most needed and effective, while letting the marketing agent execute tasks (a short list or an entire campaign), produce solid deliverables, and keep you moving forward.

A good marketing resource can help you understand what strategies work and why, saving you time, money and stress. Whether its pricing strategy, competitor analysis, communications plans…. leaving you with to deal with your customers and work to your strengths.

Marketing agencies define success by results and are often held to higher standards when it comes to proving that, because they don’t get weighed down with day-to-day distractions.

Which marketing agency to choose:

When it comes to choosing the right agency for your business, it’s best to consider how you prefer to work.

  • A larger agency will have more resources, a big client list and maybe some swanky offices, but the work may be undertaken by an account manager who has a to-do list of several accounts.
  • A smaller agency, such as MJA Marketing, can provide a personal touch and really become part of your organisation.

But don’t be fooled by size, MJA Marketing is able to offer an array of services, including:

  • Digital marketing (SEO, Email, social media, PPC, mobile, content, video, webinar)
  • Offline (Radio, TV, Events, Newspaper + magazines)
  • Other (Supplier management, strategy planning, additional resource (ad-hoc project based assistance)
    and more, just ask!

If you need short-term marketing help, or you’re looking to outsource your marketing so you can grow your business, then look no further than MJA Marketing.

Give us a call on +44 (0)7444 070 016 or email mj@marketingbymja.co.uk.

We’re always happy to help!